Hawkeye Mornin' Crew
Welcome to Iowa Hawkeye Tailgating, Mornin' Crew style

The Mornin' Crew hopes this site will assist you in making your tailgating experience a rewarding one.

The Mornin’ Crew was formed in 2004 as a small group of family and friends made their way south, 12 strong, in a RV capable of sleeping 8.  The close quarters and stale air was a small sacrifice the group made in order to support their beloved IOWA HAWKEYES at the Capital One bowl.  The origin of the name pretty much defines this group.  The word “mornin’” came from the colorful Waffle House we stopped at for breakfast.  As each member of our group meandered into the restaurant, we were greeted with a friendly “morning” from the overworked and obviously underpaid hostess.  This simple gesture lifted our beaten bodies as we neared the end of our 27-hour journey to Orlando.  The second word in our club name is “crew” and that is what we are.  We come from all walks of life with one common objective and we work together to ensure said objective is reached.  By definition, “crew” is a comparative assembly of individuals, and through this assembly, we are all able to apply our unique talents and capabilities to achieve our objectives.  There is a small core of original members to the crew, which we refer to as the board of directors.  We do perform initiations into the club; however, we do not require it. As the years progress our crew continues to grow (some may say exponentially).  We feel that it is our mission statement, which makes our group so attractive:   

The mornin’ crew is larger than our people are.  It is our hope to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for all people who share a common love for college football.  We do not discriminate against other fans as long as they share the same passion for the game and understand that it is only that, a game…

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